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Sustainability Sustainability and ESG are considered as a similar concept, the one main difference sustainability is inexplicit whereas, ESG is precise and quantifiable. In recent period, sustainability is considered identical to “going green” or “reduced carbon footprint”. Sustainability comprehends the company’s efforts to lessen its impact on the world. Nevertheless, it might be a massive step […]

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Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability assessment is a modern framing of impact assessment that places importance on achieving real net sustainability additions immediately and into the future. It can be delivered to any type of decision-making, can take several forms, and is essentially pluralistic[1]. Sustainability assessment can be clearly known as any process that directs decision-making towards sustainability, this […]

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How to Carry Out an ESG or Sustainability Audit of Your Business

Introduction Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes are now giving increasing attention to ESG or sustainability. Sustainability is also among the top priorities of investors, financial institutions, regulators, and governments who want businesses to be accountable for their activities. Due to this increased focus on ESG and sustainability, most business executives are either […]

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